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There is a time for everything, the end of a season 

A message from our chair Dave Law

Reading at Work has been running for around 20 years and I have been leading it for around 14 years, but now it is the time to say that its season has come to an end.

We have seen that in these 20 years, far more believers see the spiritual dimensions of their workplaces, how God cares about our 9-5 and how we may be the only gospel that our colleagues see. We thank God that we have been able to play our small part.

So where do we go from here?

We are very grateful to Workers Aflame who will take over the running of the prayer lunch from November. It will be remaining on zoom but is moving to 12:30pm on the 2nd Tuesday of every month and we will be taking advantage of this move to make it open to people from all over the UK.

Workers Aflame also have a prayer meeting on the last Friday of every month 8.30-9pm

Both can be joined using the link
Meeting ID: 568 188 2524 Passcode: Destiny

I will also be speaking leading a webinar for Workers Aflame on Saturday 5th November at 11am on Multifaith – Finding Common ground without compromise, details are below, and you can book here

For Christian Workplace groups, Transform Work UK will be working directly with the groups, although I will still be the lead contact for the Reading area

We will still be working with the Reading churches to establish a Christian presence in the new film studios at Shinfield, if you want to help drop me a line

The most significant area that we area developing is Faith Friendly Workplaces, this is a project where we are looking at working with HR departments to encourage them to actively support faith and faith networks in the workplaces. There will be a lot more about it coming soon and you can find out more in the Linkedin group Faith Friendly Workplace | Groups | LinkedIn

God Bless you and your workplace

Dave & Magnus

For other faith and work resources, please look at

Workers Aflame - Empowering Christian Witness in the Workplace.

Transform Work UK – Working with and growing Christian Workplace groups

LICC – especially good for resources for your church

ICF – For those interested in how faith and business can work together for social action

Faith in Business – particularly if you are an entrepreneur or business leader

Please also note that in a few weeks time this email address will close, so please use

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