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For many Christians the workplace is where we spend the majority of our waking hours and the place where we will regularly encounter more non-Christians than any other sphere of our lives.

Yet how many of us view our workplaces as a mission field? How many of us understand our Christian responsibilities at work? Just exactly how should we witness to our colleagues?

Reading at Work is a ministry that has been created to help address these questions, to prepare us to be more effective as Christians at work and ultimately to live out their faith in the workplace.


Purpose of Reading at Work

The purpose of Reading at Work is:
  • · To encourage believers to recognise work as an expression of their God given vocation and live it out accordingly

  • · To develop partnership with the Church gathered so as to equip and support the Church scattered to be effective disciples in their places of work

  • · To promote and encourage links and the exchange of ideas with groups that share a similar purpose


Vision of Reading at Work

Through Reading at Work’s purpose, we have a vision of seeing believers:


  • · Praying for decisions being made in their places of work

  • · Praying for work colleagues and witnessing to them through care and compassion as well as words

  • · Exercising their faith and gifts as an integral part of their work

  • · Supporting their peer

  • · Bringing Christian values, principles and ethics into their workplace

  • · Offering their work each day to God as an act of worship, recognising it has eternal consequences



Doctrinal Basis and Statement of Faith


Reading at Work adheres to the Statement of Faith and Doctrinal Basis of the Evangelical Alliance and encourages all workplace groups connected with Reading at Work to examine and consider adopting these statements. A copy can be found here.


Reading at Work does not vouch for any of the resources listed.



Data Protection

Reading at Work takes its responsablities for data protection as defined by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) seriously and our Data Privicy policy can be found here Privacy Notice

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